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A path to Victory
It all started a few hundred years in the future, a never ending war had begun and it seemed to rage on for months. A female pilot flew the skies above her experience and training had prepared her for this moment as she dived, avoiding the fire from enemy planes. She hummed as she returned fire, knocking down a few of the enemy planes. She seemed like an unstoppable force, unable to be hit, moving like an acrobat across the sky. “Tracer, you have a plane tailing you, turn and shoot” a male voice had come over her radio, she picked it up and replied with a giggle “I have a plan, I’ll use the teleport built into the plane. The male voice then replied with a sigh as another plane approached her from the front “do you not remember what happened last time, Tracer.” Tracer let out another hum, “It’ll be alright Winston, the army had the Slipstream remade and fixed, I’ll be fine.” A few seconds later she teleported out of the way of
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Tracer :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 0 0 The watcher :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 1 0 Eat Shit :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 0 0 Purple :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 0 0 Spence Yale Ref Sheet :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 1 2 Crownguard :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 1 0 For my ask blog :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 1 0 Rehl'ra :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 1 0 Ya know.....nya :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 2 0 Ayyyyy :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 1 0 Ezreal take two out of two :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 0 0 Ezreal take one out of two :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 0 0 Vritra ref sheet :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 2 0 Vritra :iconfullmoonkeeper:FullMoonKeeper 3 3


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Origi-Yol world/society info
Though the species is extinct in “present day”, I will speak of them in present tense here just to make it simpler. I will also refer to them as yol in the text, but keep in mind none of this applies to the modern day yol that exist alongside MTTs as we know them.

The planet the origi-yol inhabit is known as Laa’aku in their own language. It is a planet comparable to Earth in size, but much warmer in climate, and it has one supercontinent and a superocean surrounding it. Most of the supercontinent is in the tropical climate zone, which is the area the yol inhabit. The desert areas are left unexplored and uninhabited.
Origi-yol society:
Origi-yol society could be considered pacifist, but mostly because they’re just too lazy and fond of partying to find reasons to fight, whether on a personal or larger scale.
This same laziness and party-loving nature contributes to their society being relative
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[READ] Centrum Novae MYO EVENT!
With this MYO CONTEST, I as species creator want to give the members of Centrum-Novae the chance, to win a self designed Novae! Only a few designs will win, but feel free to enter as many as you wish!
                                                :bulletblue::bulletblue:General Information and Rules:bulletblue::bulletblue:
- You have to be part of Centrum-Novae
- You may enter this event as often as you wish
- However, only 1 of your entries will be able to win
- All designs must stay within the species rules
- All entries have to be uploaded to DeviantArt, files will not be accepted.
- Make sure to upload them to the right folder, they will not be accepted otherwise. ( UPLOAD HERE )
- Only common Novae are allowed in this event. This means, that you
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hey im Zain you can contact me through tumblr(Popstar-fox) or here if you wish to you can also contact me through furaffinity(Criminalheart)

i am a fan of many different things so expect some variety in my art some things im a fan of are

anime,webcomics,manga,and furries

League of Legends: Vi Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Ezreal Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Lux Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Ahri Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Ashe Stamp by immature-giraffe JinX Stamp by Dweynie Summoner name: pyropysics…


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